Gómez Morón, Reyes, Manuel Padilla Cruz, Lucía Fernández Amaya and María de la O Hernández López.Pragmatics Applied to Language Teaching and Learning. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009. 

The research group "Intercultural Studies (English-Spanish): Pragmatic and Discourse Issues" (PAI HUM 640) is pleased to announce the publication of the volume The volume gathers 20 contributions by scholars working in the fields of pragmatics and language teaching, which are structured in five thematic parts addressing cognitive issues on L2 teaching, the teaching of languages cross-culturally, intercultural aspects of communication, the teaching of languages for academic and specific purposes and other methodological issues on language teaching and the teaching of pragmatic issues.
You can find more information about the contents of the book and how to order it at http://www.c-s-p.org/Flyers/Pragmatics-Applied-to-Language-Teaching-and-Learning1-4438-0972-1.htm



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