Gómez González, María de los Ángeles, J. Lachlan Mackenzie & Elsa M. González Álvarez, eds., Languages and Cultures in Contrast and Comparison, John Benjamins, 2008

Hardbound: ISBN:  978 90 272 5419 1 Pages: xxii, 364 pp. Price: / EUR  
105.00 / USD 158.00

This volume explores various hitherto under-researched relationships  
between languages and their discourse-cultural settings. The first two  
sections analyze the complex interplay between lexico-grammatical  
organization and communicative contexts. Part I focuses on structural  
options in syntax, deepening the analysis of information-packaging  
strategies. Part II turns to lexical studies, covering such matters as  
human perception and emotion, the psychological understanding of  
'home' and 'abroad', the development of children's emotional life and  
the relation between lexical choice and sexual orientation. The final  
chapters consider how new techniques of contrastive linguistics and  
pragmatics are contributing to the primary field of application for  
contrastive analysis, language teaching and learning. The book will be  
of special interest to scholars and students of linguistics, discourse  
analysis and cultural studies and to those entrusted with teaching  
European languages and cultures. The major languages covered are Akan,  
Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish  
and Swedish.

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