López-Couso, María José & Elena Seoane (eds.) in collaboration with Teresa Fanego. 2008.
Rethinking Grammaticalization: New Perspectives . (Typological Studies in Language 76).
Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

This volume and its companion, Theoretical and empirical issues in grammaticalization, offer a selection of papers from the Third International Conference New Refl ections on Grammaticalization , held in Santiago de Compostela in July 2005. From the rich programme of the conference (over 120 papers), the twelve contributions included in this volume were carefully selected to reflect the state of current research in grammaticalization and suggest possible directions for future investigations in the field. Combining theoretical discussions with the analysis of particular test cases from a wide range of languages from various language families, the selected papers focus on such central questions as the need for a broader notion of grammaticalization, the distorting effects of grammaticalization on grammar, areal perspectives on grammaticalization, and the relevance of contact-induced change to grammaticalization. Other topics discussed include the development of markers of textual connectivity and the emergence of cardinal numerals and numeral systems.

Contributors: Walter Bisang, Philippe Bourdin, Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Livio Gaeta, Anna Giacalone-Ramat, Kaoru Horie, Tania A. Kuteva, María José López-Couso and Elena Seoane, Michael Noonan, Seongha Rhee, Andrew Simpson, Ferdinand von Mengden, Foong Ha Yap and Stephen Matthews.



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