Metonymy and Metaphor in Grammar

Edited by Klaus-Uwe Panther, Linda L. Thornburg and
Antonio Barcelona
Universität Hamburg / Independent reseacher / Universidad de Córdoba

Figurative language has been regarded traditionally as situated outside the realm
of grammar. However, with the advent of Cognitive Linguistics, metonymy and
metaphor are now recognized as being not only ornamental rhetorical tropes
but fundamental figures of thought that shape, to a considerable extent, the
conceptual structure of languages. Thepresent volume goes even beyond this
insight to propose that grammar itself is metonymical in nature (Langacker) and
that conceptual metonymy and metaphor leave their imprints on lexicogrammatical
array of languages and lexicogrammatical phenomena, such as word class meaning and word formation,case and aspect, proper namesand noun phrases, predicate and clause constructions, and other
metonymically and metaphorically motivated grammatical meanings
and forms. The volume should be of interest to scholars and students
in cognitive and functional linguistics, in particular, conceptual
metonymy and metaphor theory, cognitive typology, and pragmatics.
[Human Cognitive Processing, 25__] 2009____. xiii, 423___ pp. EUR 99,00


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