Armengol, Josep M. and Àngels Carabí, eds. Debating Masculinity. Harriman, Tennessee: Men's Studies Press, 2009. ISBN-13: 978-1-931342-19-3 (paperback).
ISBN-13: 978-1-931342-20-9 (cloth). ISBN-13: 978-1-931342-21-6 (e-book).
192 pp. List $25.00 (pbk) / $45.00 (hdbk) / $20.00 (e-book).

Debating Masculinity offers a contemporary discussion of men and masculinities from an interdisciplinary perspective,including interviews to, and chapters by, leading masculinity scholars including Michael Kimmel, Lynne Segal, David Gilmore, Patricia Gowaty, Carolyn Dinshaw, David Eng, Linda Jones, Krin Gabbard, and David Leverenz. Combining a multiplicity of disciplinary and critical approaches, the book explores the past, present, and future of masculinity studies in highly innovative and provocative ways, analyzing the relationship between masculinity and such pressing questions as violence, fatherhood, feminism, men’s movements, identity politics, intimacy and friendship, homophobia, etc.

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