Gutiérrez Arranz, José María. ed. A Multicultural and Multifaceted Study of Ideologies and Conflicts Related to the Complex Realities and Fictions of Nation and Identity Represented in Contemporary Literature Written in English . Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. ISBN: 1-84718-452-9. 274 pp.

This book contains a multicultural and multifaceted study of ideologies and conflicts related to the complex realities and fictions of Nation and Identity represented in contemporary literature written in English. The history and present time of the United Kingdom, the British Empire and North America provide vast fields of research which have been explored by our selection of authors. Their interests range from the moral and personal consequences of modern nationalist conflicts to the memories of old racial confrontations on the British soil. Readers will find analyses and reflections on the individual's pursuit of identity in a challenging environment that covers more than two centuries of mainly Western civilization and abound in national dilemmas, social concerns, authoritarian legacies, and problematic postcolonial hybridizations. Short stories, novels, plays and poems by Irish, American, English, Nigerian, and Scottish writers will enable readers to consider the diverse approaches, propositions and debates the issues raised by Nation and Identity are being dealt with.



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