Baelo Allué, Sonia. Bret Easton Ellis's Controversial Fiction: Writing Between High and
Low Culture.
London and New York: Continuum, 2011. ISBN :9781441107916.

This title offers a textual and contextual analysis of Bret Easton Ellis's most important works,
focusing on their reception, popular culture influences, and literary style. Both literary author
and celebrity, Bret Easton Ellis represents a type of contemporary writer who draws from
both high and the low culture, using popular culture references, styles and subject matters in a
literary fiction that goes beyond mere entertainment. His fiction, arousing the interest of the
academia, mass media and general public, has fuelled heated controversy over his work. This
controversy has often prevented serious analysis of his fiction, and this book is the first
monograph to fill in this gap by offering a comprehensive textual and contextual analysis of
his most important works up to the latest novel Imperial Bedrooms. Offering a study of the
reception of each novel, the influence of popular, mass and consumer culture in them, and the
analysis of their literary style, it takes into account the controversies surrounding the novels
and the changes produced in the shifty terrain of the literary marketplace. It offers anyone
studying contemporary American fiction a thorough and unique analysis of Ellis' work and
his own place in the literary and cultural panorama.



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