Cuder-Domínguez, P., B. Martín-Lucas, and S. Villegas-López. Transnational
Poetics: Asian Canadian Women's Fiction of the 1990s.
Toronto: TSAR, 2011.
ISBN: 978-1894770682.

This substantial book examines the fiction of Asian Canadian women
writers-Indian, Chinese, and Japanese-of the 1990s, specifically how their
work reveals their self-perception as members of minority subcultures. By
close readings of the fiction and related texts, the authors consider to what
extent and in what manner these authors-Evelyn Lau, Larissa Lai, Hiromi Goto,
Shauna Singh Baldwin, Anita Rau Badami, and others-feel at ease or at odds in
the cultural climate of Canada. A variety of subjects are covered: feminist
anti-racism, resistance to Indo-Chic, feminist fictions, the racialization of
bodies, the trauma of Canadian Japanese internment, etc.


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