Cristina M. Gámez-Fernández and Antonia Navarro-Tejero (eds.). India in the World. Newcastle-upon-Tyne (England): Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011.

ISBN 978-1-4438-3289-2

This volume brings together the contributions to the conference of the same name held at the University of Córdoba (Spain) in 2007.

This volume uniquely gathers scholarly articles dealing with very dissimilar and kaleidoscopic perspectives on India. It provides an informative overview of the country, which has wide-ranging influences reaching far from India itself, since it has criss-crossed connections with many countries around the world. If read as a collection, this volume is witness to an interlocking network of ideas, attitudes and ideologies that emerge from the contemporary social and political world. The book, thus, highlights a variety of issues and the chapters promise to treat them with adequate justice.

These features mean that this book can be approached by any person interested in India, given that it offers a diverse range of interesting topics related to the country. The reader glancing through the book will find themes spanning from the analysis of postcolonial literature written in English by Indian women, to sociological reflections on several diasporic situations, and from crossed influences between Indian culture and that of other countries, to the latest discussion topics in ancient Indian history, to mention a few.

The full table of contents follows:

Chapter One
The Idea of India in Early Medieval England
Mark Bradshaw Busbee
Chapter Two
Exoticism Stops at the Second Hyphen
Elisabeth Damböck
Chapter Three
All the Raj: French-Speaking Comics about India
Corinne François-Denève
Chapter Four
Indian Response to El Quijote
Shyama Prasad Ganguly
Chapter Five
From Inscrutable Indians to Asian Africans
Felicity Hand
Chapter Six
“Indias in Mind”: The Literary Recovery of Absent India
Juan Ignacio Oliva
Chapter Seven
The Redefinition of the Concept ?Anglo-Indian? in Contemporary
Laura Peco González
Chapter Eight
Poe’s “A Tale of the Ragged Mountains,” Macaulay and Warren Hastings- From
Orientalism to Globalisation?
Christopher Rollason
Chapter Nine.
Daughter Forsaken: La Résistance of the Indo-Mauritian Girl Child in Ananda Devi?s Novels
Rohini Bannerjee
Chapter Ten
Principles of Sanskrit Poetics in Contemporary Context: The Rasadhvani Approach
to J. M. Coetzee’s Slow Man
Bhavna Bhalla
Chapter Eleven
Framing Interpersonal Violence in A Married Woman
Olga Blanco-Carrión
Chapter Twelve
Identity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake
Cristina M. Gámez-Fernández
Chapter Thirteen.
The Search for Female Identity in R. K. Narayan?s The Dark Room
Emma García Sanz
Chapter Fourteen
?She had been certain the river would sustain her?: Modernist Aestheticism
in Anita Desai’s Fiction
Maria J. Lopez
Chapter Fifteen .
Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters and the Deconstruction of Traditional Binary Oppositions
Javier Martín Párraga
Chapter Sixteen .
Amitav Ghosh’s “Imaginary Homelands”: The Question of Identity in The Shadow Lines
María Elena Martos Hueso
Chapter Seventeen .
Orpheus and Eurydice as Indian Rock-and-Roll Superstars:  Salman Rushdie’s
The Ground beneath Her Feet
Ana Cristina Mendes
Chapter Eighteen .
A Paradise Lost: Kashmir as a Motif of Rift in Salman Rushdie?s Shalimar the Clown
Maurice O?Connor
Chapter Nineteen .
The Internal Exile of Dalit Women in Andhra Pradesh
Alida Carloni Franca
Chapter Twenty .
About the Role of India in Contemporary Art
Eva Fernández del Campo Barbadillo
Chapter Twenty One.
“City and Non-City”: Political Issues in In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones
Joel Kuortti
Chapter Twenty Two
A Brief Overview on Feminism in India
Antonia Navarro-Tejero
Chapter Twenty Three
Bollywood and South Asian Diasporic Films in the U.K.: Gurinder Chadha?s
Female Road Movie
Esperanza Santos Moya
Chapter Twenty Four
Sati: A Construction of Reality in With Krishna?s Eyes
Rosalía Villa Jiménez
Chapter Twenty Five
Nativism versus Imperialism? Debates and Interpretations in the Ancient History of India
Fernando Wulff Alonso



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