Gregor, Keith  and  Pujante, Ángel-Luis. Macbeth en España. Las versiones neoclásicas. Murcia: Editum, 2011.  

Included in the volume are two of the three Spanish translations made between 1803 and 1814 of the stage adaptation of Shakespeare's MACBETH by Jean-François Ducis.
The book includes an appendix with the text of the first Spanish translation from the original by José García de Villalta, together with a list of translations and adaptations of MACBETH in Spain from the 19th century to the present compiled by Laura Campillo.
The book, which is a follow-up to Gregor and Pujante's edition of 4 Spanish HAMLETs (, will aid the reader's understanding of Shakespeare's writing and its reception in a wider European context.



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