Performing Gender Violence: Plays by Contemporary American Women Dramatists

Edited by Barbara Ozieblo and Noelia Hernando-Real

Palgrave Macmillan, December 2011.

Violence against women in plays by women has earned little mention. This revolutionary collection fills that gap, focusing on plays by American women dramatists, written in the last thirty years, which deal with different forms of gender violence. Each author discusses specific manifestations of violence in carefully selected plays: psychological violence, violence within the family, violence suffered by women at the hands of the medical profession, violence caused by situations of war and social injustice. This book encompasses the theatrical devices used to represent violence on the stage in an age of virtual, immediate reality as much as the problematics of gender violence in modern society.


Introduction - Noelia Hernando-Real and Barbara Ozieblo *Violence against Women: Forms and Responses - Marta Fernández-Morales, Inmaculada Pineda-Hernández, Miriam López-Rodríguez, Barbara Ozieblo *Violence against Women in U.S. Theater - Noelia Hernando-Real and Barbara Ozieblo *My Home, My Battleground: The Deconstruction of the American Family - Noelia Hernando-Real *The Role of Female Bonding on the Stage of Violence - María Dolores Narbona-Carrión * A Stalker, a Serial Killer, and the Women Who Survived Them: Psychological Abuse as a Form of Gender Violence - Miriam López-Rodríguez *The New Breast Cancer (Im)patient: Female Revolt against Biomedical Violence in US Drama - Marta Fernández-Morales *Survival Strategies in Recent Plays by African American Women Playwrights - Inmaculada Pineda-Hernández *Documenting War: Theatrical Interventions by Emily Mann and Heather Raffo - Ilka Saal *The Victim and the Audience’s Pleasure: an Exploration of Carson Kreitzer’s Self Defense and Stefanie Zadravec’s Honey Brown Eyes - Barbara Ozieblo



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