Editores: José Ramón Prado-Pérez y Dídac Llorens-Cubedo
Título: New Literatures of Old. Dialogues of Tradition and Innovation in
Anglophone Literature

Editorial: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Lugar y fecha de publicación: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2008
Número de páginas: 194
Artistic creativity is fuelled by the permanent interaction among artistic
forms, cultures, societies, and eventually different individuals, in the form
of an all-inclusive intertextuality. The dialogues between the past and the
present help the artist examine his own art, making him conscious of his
position in the field, whether through self-evaluation, renewal or experiment
with new textualities. This book explores how the strategies reflecting the
exchanges between past and present modes of artistic production become active
agents of intervention in creating the various spaces of dialogue and
confrontation when establishing the identities and cultural specificity of a
certain society or community.



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