Rio, David and Oyunn Hestetun, eds. Special Issue on “Postfrontier Writing,”
European Journal of American Studies, 2011. Electronic ISSN 1991-9336

Table of Contents

David Rio and Øyunn Hestetun: Introduction : Storying the West in Postfrontier Literature
Neil Campbell: “The compass of possibilities”: Re-Mapping the Suburbs of Los Angeles in
the Writings of D.J. Waldie
Michael J. Prince: The Master Film is a Western : The Mythology of the American West
inthe Cities of the Red NightTrilogy
Susan H. Swetnam: “Here on the Verge of Town . . . I Am Myself” : Selective Western
Exceptionalism in the Work of Six Contemporary Idaho Writers
Fredrik Chr. Brøgger: Wallace Stegner and the Western Environment: Hydraulics,
Placelessness, and (Lack of) Identity
Eva-Sabine Zehelein: “A good deal about California does not, on its own preferred terms, add
up”: Joan Didion between Dawning Apocalypse and Retrogressive Utopia
Aitor Ibarrola-Armendariz: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road : Rewriting the Myth of the
American West



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