Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz (ed.), Women's Identities and Bodies in Colonial
and Postcolonial History and Literature
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle-upon Tyne, 2012.
ISBN 978-1-4438-3627-2, 171 pages.

List of Contents

Preface: Women’s Bodies, Identities and the (Post)colonial and the
Burgeoning of Cultural Studies in Spain
David Walton
Introduction: Re-writing our Identities and Bodies
Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz
Chapter One
Bodies Revisited? Representations of the Embodied Self in Janet Frame’s
and Lauris Edmond’s Autobiographies
Valerie Baisnée
Chapter Two
“All my Weapons within me:” Bodily Archives in the Caribbean Diaspora
Manuela Coppola
Chapter Three
Restoring the Real: Rememorying the Maternal Body and Recovery
in Toni Morrison’s Sula and Beloved
Wang Lei
Chapter Four
The Taming of the Creole: The (Little) Death of Otherness in Wide Sargasso
Mariacristina Natalia Bertoli
Chapter Five
Challenging the Tragic Mulatto Stereotype in Three Nineteenth Century
African-American Texts
Silvia Castro Borrego
Chapter Six
Remapping the Racialized Body in Bharati Mukherjee’s A Wife’s Story
Stefanovici Smaranda
Chapter Seven
Shaping Female Identities and Bodies: The National Vigilance Association
and the Social Purity Movement
Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz
Chapter Eight
From Public Body to Corpse: The Appropriation of the Female Body
in Barker’s Blow your House Down and Atkinson’s One Good Turn
Beatriz Domínguez García

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