Dra. M. Luz Celaya Villanueva

Profesora titular de universidad (Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor). Universitat de Barcelona.

Member of the research group GRAL
Member of the group GIDC for teaching innovation


Academic Degrees:

Recent Publications:


Research areas:

Applied Linguistics
Second Language Acquisition


Lines of research:

  1. Crosslinguistic influence; Interlanguage Transfer
  2. The age factor in the acquisition of EFL
  3. Written production in EFL: development and measures
  4. The acquisition and development of syntax in EFL
  5. The acquisition of EFL by immigrant school learners
  6. Interlanguage Pragmatics


Contact Address:
Dept Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya. Universitat de Barcelona.
Centre Ciutat, Plaça Universitat, Edifici Històric
Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 585

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