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AEDEAN Membership fees:
  • Individual Members.
  • Libraries. AEDEAN: €65
Membership Benefits:

AEDEAN members are entitled to the following benefits:

  •  AEDEAN members are entitled to participate in AEDEAN conferences and all the activities and prizes organized by the Association. The membership fee includes a free subscription to Atlantis, the journal of the Association, published twice a year.
  • Additionally, all members of AEDEAN are entitled to participate in ESSE conferences and the activities organized by ESSE.
  • If you chose the EAAS membership as well, you are equally entitled to participate in EAAS conferences.

For any queries concerning your membership, please contact the Treasurer:
Javier Ruano García
Universidad de Salamanca
Calle Placentinos, 18
37008 Salamanca